Need Funds for Treatment?

We provide information but do not provide funding.

Finding the money for hyperthermia treatment can be a challenge.  My family of four, including myself, all have Lyme.  My son has congenital Lyme-induced autism and cannot be treated as he is too young.  However, my husband, daughter and myself all went through treatment at Klinik St. Georg.  We borrowed from just about everyone we know to get all the funds for all of us to be treated.  We were lucky and were able to pull it together.  Many are not.

Here’s a start:

This has repeated info from the link above but also has more resources as well.

“Our mission is to provide financial assistance and support to Lyme and tick-borne disease patients over the age of 26 who are in crisis”

Many people find success in setting up fundraising campaigns at, and others.
Keep in mind, Lyme is an STD.  Your significant other MUST be receive at least Partner Treatment (significantly less) or you likely be reinfected.
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