Introduction and explanation of the Wiegman Protocol and our journey to recover our son, Boy Wonder, from congenital Lyme and Autism.

hi everybody so a little bit of a
different topic today um today I’m gonna
chat about our son whom I referred to on
social media as the Boy Wonder
I had Cameron in 2012 at that time I was
still operating with a diagnosis of
fibromyalgia we all know that it was in
fibro and when he was about 18 19 months
right at that you know peak time that
autism starts to show he was cruising
down the hallway of our house kicking a
soccer ball when he ran into like
literally a door jamb like that like
boom and took himself out I mean like
flat on his back goose egg for weeks and
that’s when we started to rock and roll
he had speech it was pretty advanced at
18 19 months that went away we started
seeing some pretty chaotic
um hyperactivity he stopped answering to
his name in overnight he forgot how to
dribble a soccer ball I mean James was
like World Cup because at 18 months he
could dribble a soccer ball with control
fast-forward therapy blah blah blah
congenital I’m so recently why shouldn’t
say recently in July so back in December
James had heard of the wigman protocol
we were also researching mean Chuck we
were doing all these different things
you know Cameron can’t go through
hyperthermia until he’s seven and then
that’s it far with dr. Herzog I don’t
want to wait until he’s seven what do we
do boy wonders main hiccup his speech he
has can talk really
so this name Wigman comes out who’s will
who is this will wig man what is this
week man protocol we search search
search can’t really find anything kind
of falls off the radar and then
literally boom right back Center again
the will Wigman protocol and we’re able
to actually talk to someone who’s done
it thank you Lisa
who’s coached hundreds of people and she
answered she answered her calls she
answered her emails and she has been an
invaluable resource and so what is the
will Wigman protocol it is based on the
premise that our children’s immune
systems are not developed appropriately
because our food is genetically modified
specifically trace minerals and trace
vitamins thiocyanate vitamin b17 and
this is very quick lay down dirty and I
hope he’s not offended by my explanation
of this but our white blood cells are
fueled by sustained by vitamin b17
thiocyanate have you ever wondered why
our parents are healthy and they didn’t
actually get cancer and get sick until
their 70s and late 60s our generation
we’re now sick in our 30s and 40s we
have weird stuff going on and now we
have the highest rate of autism ever
known in our children it’s because their
immune systems are not being fed
properly so they can’t process the
viruses that they’re born with the bugs
that I’ve passed on Lyme epstein-barr
god knows what else I’d given the kid
his buddy doesn’t know what to do with
it and then he had a traumatic brain
injury it rocked him and now all of the
bugs are like let’s have a party so
there’s three phases three phases phase
is to turn the immune system on and you
do this by eating apricot kernels
thiocyanate and taking wild cherry bark
drops within three days of giving this
to cam he had the rosiest reddest cheeks
his ears were bright red he had these
dark circles under his eyes and he had a
runny nose when I was like oh he’s
getting sick he has a fever no fever so
I get on tu-tu-tu-tu-tu what’s going on
and we’ll response and he was like this
is exactly what you want to see his
immune system is now finally waking up
and saying oh we have a bug load we have
a viral load we need to take care of
you’re supposed to do this phase for two
weeks we did it for three and a half
about four because there was days that
we missed and whatnot let me be clear
this is a protocol a treatment protocol
that you cannot miss you can’t like oh I
missed this on this day so I’m going to
do that there’s and there’s no leeway
there is no wiggle room which is why we
took so long in the first phase so that
we could figure out how to do this as a
phase two and now this is where you’re
all gonna come at me about alternative
Lyme life it is tender tender tender max
I can’t say the other form antifungal
and minocycline pulsed I’d have a very
low milligram amount one milligram per
10 pounds of body weight pulse because
it’s day on day off while you’re doing
this you’re also taking and I have a
note here ten drops each for his his
weight which is 50 pounds red root
Piniella detoxing wild cherry bark
Berber detoxing vitamin d3 not ten drops
and on your off days you’re taking three
times the recommended daily allowance of
Kotb complex for your weight
and what this is is because you know the
bugs eat all the available B’s and DS in
your system and we also give them iodine
every one your child should be taking
iodine everyone in this house takes
iodine every day for your thyroid this
is 60 days so you have day on day off
you’re taking the drops every day you’re
taking the apricot kernel every day and
so Cameron you triple that one it’s one
apricot for his body weight in the first
phase and it’s one and a half to two in
the second phase then the third one is
the Tri biotic and that’s when you start
to repair so we are in the beginning of
Phase two and the question and in this
family was do we share this with you in
real time or do we just compile our
journey and then kind of let it out to
the world and I think you know James
basically said it was up to me and what
I wanted to do and so in the true spirit
of alternative one life and what we’re
trying to do as a family
we’re going to show this to you in real
time so after this video there be some
uploads of the last few days and so let
me address the antibiotic in the
alternative Lyme life doxycycline
doesn’t work people contact will through
messenger he doesn’t give out as a
private email cuz he’s not even dr.
Zhang doxycycline makes the spirochete
shoot off persister cells it is it’s
self-preservation for this spirochete
the tin de max or tune it is all oh said
it tune it is all takes care of the
biofilm the minocycline is at such a low
level that you actually end up killing
off spirochetes but they don’t actually
sense the level of the antibiotic and so
they don’t go into persister mode a
spirochete has a 42 day life cycle which
is why you are on
this piece of the protocol for sixty
days yes
it’s an antibiotic I
this point I’ll do whatever it takes to
have my child have a chance at being
able to communicate and I have kids run
away from him when he’s trying to make
friends because they can’t understand
what he’s saying
he’s a social dude he’s my kid you know
I mean he looks like mr. Carter but he
is all crazy Italian on the inside from
his mother so what kind of qualifies I
guess in the alternative realm is that
the research is much different than
anything else we are reading about
congenital line about autism about viral
loads in kids diagnosed with autism that
is just not something that we should be
able to accept and say oh my kids
autistic and a lot of them are being
recovered even though they are not
diagnosed with congenital Lyme there are
thousands of parents putting their
autistic children through this protocol
and they are rescuing their children
from the diagnosis of autism so in the
realm of allopathic medicine and Western
medicine this is pretty kind of out
there doctors are like hmm what do you
mean like it’s autism it’s a viral load
people the kids immune systems can’t
function their brain is swimming in gunk
D gunk them let’s see what we have
underneath and it’s also alternative in
the fact that it’s we’re talking about
the immune system we’re talking about
viral loads we’re talking about detoxing
the brain and the central nervous system
and according to will who is a PhD
biochemist this also takes care of all
of the spirochetes and the load in the
essential synovial fluid of the spine or
so central spinal fluid sorry it’s been
a long day
it gives our kids a fighting chance it
gives them a clean system it also takes
care of co-infections so you know
everyone in this household except for me
because of the whole liver episode has
the whole course ready to start so that
we make sure that we get to Bartonella
and the Babesia and everything else so
that’s where alternative Lyme life is
right now that’s where the Boy Wonder is
is he’s he’s next we are at the very
beginning stages who were already
singing the most amazing crazy changes
and you’ll see in the following videos
so welcome to the journey with saving
the Boy Wonder freeing the Boy Wonder
life on autism Lane as the hashtag I use
on social media and it truly is we are
in the fight for the Boy Wonder so
please be patient if I don’t get to your
questions right away please just send
love and light and all the great energy
that all of you have for me and for this
crazy fort that I call my family has to
be all really rally behind the boy and
do our very best to give him the best
chance at life that he can have and undo
the damage that happened in utero if you
have a diagnosis of congenital line
please email me the protocol is free
will says to send it to everyone in
anyone so I am happy to do that and love
and rights and health and wellness to
all of you and to my small my small
human that I love a great deal so the
alternative line life will dabble in Big
Pharma antibiotics
and we shall see what will come of this
so thanks for all your time in your lab
and your support and your comments
always and keep them coming ok and we
will chat soon until next time


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